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Come Conciencia

2013, New York, USA

Come Conciencia is a unique collaboration between the culinary, visual, and musical arts. Based on 6 values that have been gradually disappearing in modern day cuisine, Come Conciencia seeks to bring new awareness to these foundational concepts. 
These values are Trust, Forgotten Products and Techniques, Respect, Home, Sharing, and Time. Time is represented by music, and the remaining five values are represented with their own unique cuisine and art.
Originally conceived in San Sebastian, Spain, Come Conciencia is the name given to a 15 course tasting Menu designed to create a completely immersive tasting experience. This menu evolved to become a cooking book and piano vinyl, and was later shown at the Brian Morris Gallery in New York, where Annika Kappner, Eric Maltz and Monica Kisic presented a variation of the original tasting menu with live music, selected dishes, and art inspired by the Come Conciencia concept.
For more information please visit the Come Conciencia website.
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